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About us

We face great challenges and great opportunity as we together prepare all children for the opportunities of the 21st Century. The world has changed greatly due to increased access to technology tools for communication, collaboration and global interconnectedness. The schools we know of the 20th century can’t prepare our kids for the demands of the 21st Century.

ieSonoma is a partnership between public and private educational institutions and the larger community devoted to exploring the research, theory, and practice of 21st Century teaching and learning for the purpose of transforming the way we prepare our youth for success in this rapidly changing world. We invite you to join us as we seek to both innovate and educate for a brighter future.


ieSonoma events are intended to provoke your thinking and challenge your previously held beliefs about teaching and learning in the 21st century. It is our hope that these events spark important community conversations, foster radical collaboration, and encourage deeper learning by all who attend.

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